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Fissy fry Friday....

Today is a day of fishy-fry...oh yes. The frying of fish is going on in many a restaurant tonight. Someone please eat fish for me for I am going to a movie tonight and will not have time to partake in this wonderful fish-eating day. For I love fish.

Speaking of fish, my betta was so cute today, he was simmin' all around his bowl and he was so happy when I gave him food, he is beautiful, hid fins are so flowy and long and red and blue. I named him, by the way....."Indiga" is his new name. I had two people tell me they had names for him, one was "Budda" and one was "Indigo", so I combined them into "Indiga" it sounded better then "Buddigo" , that would have just been horrible and fucking hilarious at the same time, I decided to save my fish the anguish.

So I called Northwestern and they are still interviewing other people for the job I want. Dammit, I wish they would just make a decision and hurry up because I need cash.

My landlord called me today and said that there are people calling about our place finally and maybe if someone comes to look at it they will take it before January. That would be awesome because then Carrie and I will get at least some of our deposit back. Carrie will not have to pay two rents then, which will be really good for her and Nicky. I hope they are happy in their little place under John :). I gave Carrie my toaster...I'm getting a new one from my grandma for christmas and also a new microwave and blender. I have to get myself a new TV, but not until I get another job and move out. Chances are I will have a new car by then too.

Damn, I did'nt think moving would be this expensive, if HR was not so slow at Northwestern, I could finalize my financial standing sooner, I just hate waiting - I'm a bad waiter when it comes to money.

Talleah's two dwarf hamsters just had babies the other day, she says they have no fur and their eyes are still shut. Awwwee, now I can really have some! I want two of them when they get bigger. I love hamsters, they're so cute and little. I just wanna squeeze them and love them and give them baths.....well, maybe not baths. Imagine me giving baths to my little hamsters, in Barbie bath tubs

I really miss Jeffy right now. I am sad that his work takes up all his time and we can't hang out that much anymore. Well..maybe I'll just have to go to his work and drive all the Lincolns until I drove every one of them!! HA! THat would actually be really funny if I did that 'cause the people at his work would be like "Oh god...there's that chick that likes to drive the Lincolns" lol. I'll pretend like I'm gonna buy some. I'll be like "I want this one, and this one and this one..." and I'll tell them to put them on Bill Gate's tab.

So the other day when I donated my portrait, Sara Stum, our donations director, told me that my painting would do very well in the art auction MIAD id hosting this spring. I was like "Well, I wanted it to be part of MIAD's permemant collection" and she told me that it would be wiser to sell it to the public so I could gain more recognition and I would be helping MIAD raise money. She looked down at my picture and said "This will sell for ALOT at the auction" and she was so inststant on it that I was like "OK, let's do it". I thought of my interest in philanthropy and thought MIAD would be a good place to start. I eventually want to be able to give money to art schools, music programs and Milwaukee's underground club scene along with medical research and family crisis shelters.

For giving my picture to the auction, I get a free pass to watch my painting be sold. I will be sad, but I am bringing a camera so I can have some last looks at my favorite art piece I have done thus far. I want to get pictures of the people who will buy it, that would be pretty neat.

After work today I will go to the bank and then to Talleah's and then we will go to a movie and afterwards I will probly hang out at her house for awhile.

G00d times.....:)
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