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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
Sunday, subby Sunday...

I got up this morning at 10:30 and my landlord was about to come in and show my house to the people who are interested in renting it. I looked out my window and there they were, talking outside by the front steps. I was like "Shit, I gotta get up". Then she kocked on my door and like six other people were with her, I did'nt realize there would be so many....I was like "Well, I'm in my pajamas" and she was like "That's ok". I felt like an ass though, kind of embarrased. She did'nt tell me there would be more than one person.

Well, I called Jeffy after they left and decided I would go and pick up some Gold Coast and bring it over to him. We ate yummy subbies, damn their subs are so fucking good! I gotta go back again. I would choose that place over Cousins any day.

I am at Jeffy's again today, after our wild night with Tina, Tyler and Matt yesterday. Tina called and I answered the phone and she's like "You're still there!" haha, Tina's my bean.....my favorite bean! I call her Tina beana...Tina beana boo!

I don't think I should go to that dance lesson because I lost the address and I forgot all the other info too....ahhh next week I guess, dammit, I hate when I do this crap, I can be so absent minded with shit. But I think I would rather actually stay here today, I just don't really feel like going anywhere besides here. I am perfectly happy right where I am at Jeffy's.

Tina is comming here later to get her CD's and hang out with us, maybe she will want to get a movie with me and bring it back here and watch it. I know she wants too! muaaahaha..

I have so much shit to do next week it's crazy. Appointments up the ass...

Eh...what'r ya gonna do?

Emotion: happyhappy
Serenading me....: Bjork - Army of me
What ya gonna do when they come for you??

Tina Beana.... yey! I miss her, she better be out this Tuesday, bitch. You too bitch, or I'll... uh bitch slap ya.

I am going to that belly dancing workshop Saturday...but it's $$$$. I show you everything I learn and we dance dance dance.... you don't have to come to class, I teach you. LOL

We need to do another fine dining experience... pick pick pick when...

Wow, I'm hyper, weird.

Re: What ya gonna do when they come for you??

Awwee..no fair, I wish I could go too :( I don't have the cash right now, my expenses are catching up with me.

I will probly be there tonight :) if I have a ride home.

YOu better show me everything!!! muaahaha

Yes, we totally need to go out for dinner again, I think right before christmas we should go, like next week. Now we gotta pick a day hmmmm...

i need your address darling

Ok..here goes..

3448 A N. Pierce St. milw. 53212 :)