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Awwwe christ....

I got up waaaaay too late today, went to bed late, like three AM. Oh man... I can barely function, I'm not even awake yet...I took the bus and I was so dazed, and it's all warm and foggy outside - I feel like I'm in London.

Monday I took off of work because I just did'nt feel like going in, I called my boss and told him I was sick, he was like "OK, hope you feel better". I went over to jeffy's after my shower and we ate little steak sandwitches and Jessica came over to visit for a little while, I had a pretty good time talking to her, I really like Jessica. Hopefully she will be joining our little orgy at club soon, since she is now 21. Later that day I went to the doctor with Jeffy, we were there for like an hour and 45 minutes, it took forever for them to call him and he got VERY antsy in the waiting room so we went to the Burger King across the street to get something to drink and he got fries. I can't believe he carried me over the little fence in the middle of the street!!! that was soo awesome, Jeffy's so cute :)

I must say I had a really wonderful week, hanging out at Jeffy's house most of the time. I was really worried about him for awhile, I thought he was going to have cancer or something...I was actually so worried that I could'nt sleep and I was crying, because I don't know what I would do if I lost him. I worry too much maybe, but besides being scared for him I missed him too, I don't see him much anymore and I was really happy that I had more time with him :).

I was happy to see Tina alot too...Tina beana! yeah, she rocks so friend Talleah thinks Tina is the hottest shit dude, she likes her boobies...but who does'nt?

I think I will go to margarita's if I can get a ride home, my car is protesting, it wants to sit in the garage I think. I don't want to drive Lincoln until he gets an oil change, I don't wanna wreck my new engine, then I won't be goin' no wheres! heh I take the bus to Chi-Chi's tonight, yeay, it won't be so bad if I have my music :).

It sucks that I have to work 'till 7 tonight, but it sreves me right for oversleeping last night and not setting my alarm like a dumbass. Grrr..
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