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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]

One of the students just came in here and saw me working at my desk and he says "Do work here or do you go to school here or what" I was like "Well.....I work here". Of course, I could be sitting at this desk for no reason....

People keep getting canned around here, they just let like ten more people go. But not ME! nope...I still here muaahaaha. They let our build-out manager go, John, who's office is next door to mine. I was waiting for him to go, I knew they were spending way too much money for him to be here anyway. Poor guy, he's 60 though, I don't think it will be easy for him to find another job. He'll get unemployment for awhile, and he's old enough to get his social security back I think.

All of us staff had a meeting today about the school's expendages. They basically said that the school might be doomed forever, but they are optomistic about trying to make it NOT be doomed. We are 12 million dollars in the whole. And it will take us well over 20 years to get out. Our president just recently resigned, so now we are presidentless AND broke. Our vice president is taking over Terry Coffman's (President) position until we find another. But who would want to represent a broke-ass college?

Our main problem?? NO state or federal funding. This is a private college, not to mention that it's an art school, and next to medical school, art college is one of the most expensive kinds of schooling one can get.

We NEED cash.

Donate to the starving MIAD fund! send donations too:

Milwaukee Institute of Art
and design
Sara Stum - Director of annual giving
273 E. Erie St.
Milwaukee, WI, 53202

Emotion: coldcold

no social security til 63


You people get a fucking life.All you do is right about nonsence

Don't you mean write nonsense?

Why do you care anyway?

maybe YOU should get a life since all you seem to be reading this!

who the fuck are you, whore??? Don't have the balls to sign your name, eh...well FUCK YOU and stop commenting on my friends posts. If we supposedly should "get a life" for "righting nonsence" then you should go take your dumb ass to a library and learn how to fucking read and WRITE without the use of phonics....oh wait, that would be fon-icks for you wouldn't it?

You get a fucking life, this a LIVEJOURNAL it means FREEDOM OF SPEECH. People can say anything they want here, we the right to talk about anything we want. So go fuck yourself asshole.


I would like to begin with saying that I am a different anonymous poster. I do not have a LiveJournal, but I would like to comment on the hypocrisy that I am observing in this ongoing feud. To give me an identity, you may know that my name is Katie.
First of all, there has been a lot said in this statement: "this a LIVEJOURNAL it means FREEDOM OF SPEECH. People can say anything they want here, we the right to talk about anything we want."
Being that this is the United States of America, where we are all meant to be equal under the United States Constitution, what is preventing the anonymous poster from enjoying the same freedom of speech that everyone else does? I believe this entitles him/her the right to post whatever he/she wants in your comments section.
A second thing I would like to note is that it is silly to give someone flak for a simple spelling or grammar error. However, it is even sillier when spelling and grammar mistakes are made by other posters that are friends with each other, and these errors do not receive any attention at all because everyone knows that picking apart another person's typing is simply ludicrous.
Those two statements said, I think that if somebody is to belittle another person on here, he/she should not be hypocritical by making similar mistakes. In my opinion this only makes the accuser look ignorant. Here is something important to remember when contending in an argument: One should choose an allegation that cannot be used against oneself.
To conclude this lengthy contemplation, I think everyone should know that hostility on the Internet, or anywhere else, is completely asinine and needless. (In addition please do not consider what I have typed to be fighting, as I have only written to inform and not to cause conflict. Thank you.)

Re: Ironic...

Yes, your statement about saying anything is true, BUT it does not mean that what the person has said is not immature and it also does not mean that people can not be in defense of each other because THAT is also, freedom of speech. You can fight it all you want, because everyone has the right to freedom of speech weather it's if they want to rant, to share poetry or even to POINT OUT SPELLING ERRORS. Obviously, the one who is targeted (Our nemesis here), is going to be picked apart by the tribe (my friends) who are protecting the victim (me). So naturally anything they do will be stomped on because they are not welcome here. Common human reaction.

It sounds to me like you are sticking up for this person in a way, though you have said you don't want to fight online, which is, of course my wish also. If people would not post such things as this person has, then there would be no need for reaction, but human instinct is to fight back and that is just what my friends here have done, it may not be mature to carry it on, but it's also not cool to bash people for what they choose to talk about.