Chrystal Ann Kaminski (surrealkiller) wrote,
Chrystal Ann Kaminski


Every once in a while I think of my life and try to make sure it is actually going where I want it to. Is it.....well I am afraid to think about it actually. Will I make it when I get out of will I pay my loan off? I want to get married and have kids and REALLY have a life. I know I party now and I do so many things and I have so many friends that I love and some I would do anything for, Jeffy, Talleah, Angela, Alli,Mike....many others, thank you, you guys are my angels. I have soooo much but I wish I knew if it will last. I know people fall away and come and go and so do I, I just think of what things I really want to keep around, to keep going. Sometimes I just sit here and think what the hell am I doing, and it scares me because I think "Did I spend all this money for college for nothing?" I change so fast in my mind I can't keep up with myself sometimes. What I want to say is soo long, I probably would take up like two letter size pages. I think I should go to bed instead....hmmmmm
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