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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]

Every once in a while I think of my life and try to make sure it is actually going where I want it to. Is it.....well I am afraid to think about it actually. Will I make it when I get out of school......how will I pay my loan off? I want to get married and have kids and REALLY have a life. I know I party now and I do so many things and I have so many friends that I love and some I would do anything for, Jeffy, Talleah, Angela, Alli,Mike....many others, thank you, you guys are my angels. I have soooo much but I wish I knew if it will last. I know people fall away and come and go and so do I, I just think of what things I really want to keep around, to keep going. Sometimes I just sit here and think what the hell am I doing, and it scares me because I think "Did I spend all this money for college for nothing?" I change so fast in my mind I can't keep up with myself sometimes. What I want to say is soo long, I probably would take up like two letter size pages. I think I should go to bed instead....hmmmmm


Yup, I'm realizing that some people tell ya they are your friends... but when it comes down to actually being one, they can't do it. All they do is take, but never give.

Meee tooo

Yeah, I know how that is, I have this supposed friend, and he always says "Call me" and I do, I even bought food for him once, paid for his damn dinner and he never even called (me) after that. I always have to be the one to contribute- I don't understand why people do that. That person still says "I'll call you" and never deos, he claims he lost my number...bullshit. I think I gave it to him a million times, even on LJ I gave it to him, so he can just look at his E-mails and find my #. Damn it.

Re: Meee tooo

It kinda sounds like we are talking about the same person

Re: Meee tooo

Nope, the guy I am talking about, his name starts with an N.