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Thirsty planties...

Yes, my desk plants are oh so thirsty, I don't know why they are drinking their water so fast, maybe it's because the air in my office is so dry. Well, plants, I will water you again so you will be happy.

Friday night.....what did I do...oh yeah, I went over to Jeffy's house and chilled with him and Angela for awhile, we watched "Dragon Heart" I love that movie, I still cry at the end. Saturday night I decided to go and visit Carrie at work since I had not seen her in a while, I hung out at the photo counter where she was working for about an hour, then I drove down to club. I danced my ass off like I had planned, Jose was there...god how I missed him. He came up to me on the dance floor when he got there and I looked down at him and hugged him so tightly, my sweet angel, he held my hands for just a second and I wished it would have lasted forever, I still miss him sometimes. We talked for awhile and then he called me when I got home to see if I made it back alright and we talked for like three hours, it was so nice to hear from him again.

Sunday I was awakened by a call from Jeffy, asking me to come over, so I made my way over there after I took a shower and got ready. Tina come over there after a little while and we all sat around playing video games and Parker joined us around seven and we all watched South Park. Parker showed me a picture of his girlfriend on the computer and I was like "Damn!" she is absolutely stunning, she lookes like an angel :). I hope Parker continues to be as happy as he is with her, I have never seen him so excited about a female for as long as I have known him, which has been about six years now. Good luck and congradualtions in finding such happiness Parker :).

After lounging around at Jeffy's warm and cozy home, I made my way down to club to see Katie for her birthday. John Verbos and Nathan were djing and they did an AWESOME job. I could really tell when John was spinning because he played all the songs that I LOVE to hear at club and since we have almost the exact same taste in music, I was pretty happy with everything that he played. John should DJ on Saturdays too :). John and Pat and Chaank, yes my three favorite DJ's. I miss Pat on Wednesdays, he and Chaank were a hot little numba, heh heh. I had an absolute blast last night at club, I was in a good mood and I just wanted to dance and be goofy, me and my huge pants. I wished Katie a happy birthday, I still need to get her something and that I will do Friday, when I get everyone else's gifts too. Matt got Katie lots of bat stuff, even an orange bat. Now you KNOW it's love when someone buys you an orange bat :). Anyway, had a great time at yer little party Katie and happy birthday again.

Today is a bland day, I gotta go to UWM and switch my term to next fall because I just don't feel like starting this winter. I'm way too lazy and it's cold. I hate cold.

I am glad that I I do not have plans tonight, because I just want to go home and sleep.
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