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Return of the king....

I went to Chi-Chi's last night, got there at like 7:30 and no one showed up until like 8:15, but I had my food so I was straight. Everyone was there by about 8:45, Tina, Sara and Pat, DJ and Aron and I. They all had margaritas and we talked for about an hour, then we planned to head over to the grand opening of the "Lord of the Ring - Return of the King". The movie was amazing, I was not even tired through the whole three and a half hours of it. I was just totally glued to the screen. I did'nt even need the to watch the other movies to understand what was going on. I loved the beutiful scenery they used, it was really a true fairy tail. A happy ending and all, I cried at various parts throughout the movie, it was just really beautifully put together. I give the directors, and anyone who worked in the production/creation of that movie MAD props, it was so amazingly well done - a lovely ending to the trilogy. I was actually sad to know it was ending, after you get into those movies it's like the charactors are your family, you feel like you really know them personally. I love it when a movie can actually do that to me, not many do anymore and IF they do, they are usually independant films.

I had a wonderful time riding in Arons car with the little back window gone :), surprisingly, it gets really warm in the car and you can't even tell if the window is out. The snow sucked though, when I was driven back to my car, I saw that my Lincoln was all white and buried, he looked lonely all by himself in the parking lot. After dusting off the snow and getting it all over me, I decided to take the free way home. Bad idea, since I have not taken the free way in three years, I totally freaked out! I thought it would be safer than the small roads because it was plowed and salted. Well that it was BUT I forgot about how fast I would have to drive.....and about all the big ass trucks going really fast. I was shaking and my face and hands went numb, I had a small panick attack I think, it was really hard to breathe. I was going so slow that every car went around me, I could barely see by the time I got off on Locust. I kept thinking.....this is the way Jeffy goes, so I gotta go this way, I'm almost home....and I kept my eyes glued to the road. Every big truck that passed me freaked me out. "Awweee Christ!!" I kept saying. I am never ever going on the free way again. I thought there was gonna be no one on the the road, but I forgot it was almost 5 am. Needless to say, I did'nt get much sleep.

My boss yelled at me for calling and talling him I would be a half hour late. He really hates me lately....I don't know what crawled up his ass in the past two weeks, but now I really can't wait to get another job, and hopefully - leave this one. I have had it with Mike, one day it's ok to slack and the next day it's totally illegal. He keeps changing the rules and it's day to day now. I hate it. Either enforce the fucking rules ALL the time, or don't. It's that simple. I don't like in-betweens. I prefer all or nothing in most situations.

I am going to club tonight, however, only if I can find a ride home because if not then I will not be making it out there. My car has no gas in it and I actually don't have money to feed it, so I am a little screwed until Dec. 29. Pay day. Yeah - my boss fucked up and did'nt turn MY time card in, so I only was paid for one week. Asshole. And it was only MINE too...hmmmm I wonder why that is, weeeellll soon I won't have to worry about that and they can't hire anyone so he will have to do all the bills and office shit himself. Ha! now lets see how many bills get paid.
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