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Don't wake me up....

This morning I woke up and thought that yesterday was all a dream. I was like "Did that really happen?" and I looked around my room, dazed a little and thought "I KNOW I went to club last night". It was pretty wierd. I would have been quite disappointed if in fact, last night was a dream. I say that because I met this guy, his name is Mike and when I first saw him I was like "Oh my god! Tina....LOOK at that guy!" she looked at him and said "Woa...he IS hot!". We were staring at him all night and finally she started talking to him. He is an american indian, I forgot the tribes but I remember one is Apache. He is like really fucking tall, he stood at least a foot and a half taller than me. I thought he was so beautiful, I just could not stop looking at him, he's got shoulder length black hair with thick spirals at the ends in some places. He kind of looks like satan or a vampire or something, he told me people always tell him that, and I did'nt think that until he said so. I just had to pet his hair and he let me!!! hahaha... Tina and I kept giggling...heh we rule. Mike, which is actually spelled "Mych" or "Mychael" is a really interesting character, he is into alot of the things I am into, like middle eastern dance, music and food. He also loves cooking and he has lived in many other states in the US. We talked about everything, religion, drugs, dancing, music, etc. There was so much to talk about that I did'nt want to stop talking. At the end of the night I got his number and Tina and I gave him ours too. Yeay! new people.....gotta love meeting new people.

Today at work my boss was yelling at me again, I think he has some issue with just me. I don't know what that is yet....buuuut I'm thinkin' about it.

Tomarrow is shopping with Tina, what I am going to do is take the bus to Southridge after work tomarrow and meet her therem then from there we can go places and she can drop me back off so I can take the bus back home if she would rather not drive all the way to my house. Either way I dont mind.

Got a ticket on Lincoln today.....I should have put him in the garage *shakes head* shame on me. What the cops don't know is that if you live on a street where there are three hour parking signs, you can get a free night parking sticker...most cops don't know that because they don't feel like looking through all the specifications to every community. I don't know about other areas, but we are able to do that for some reason, I got a letter about it in our "Pierce Street News". Now I am going to just go to court and tell them about that and I will most likely be let go. Not a big deal.

I got a package in the mail yesterday and imma give it to Carrie, it's a box of baby stuff I think, It says "Enfamil" on the top and I think there are samples of formula inside. She'll like that.

I went to the MIAD holiday lunch today and I am still FAT from it, the left overs were so abundant that we have to finish eating them tomarrow.

Yeap...talking to Aron online now, I think I am gonna also go look around on Myspace and answer my messages.
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