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Wit my fshin' pole and my bottle a' shine...

I gotta find a way...find my way ey ey ey!....

Ahhhh...just needed to break into song there...anyway...just another day in the life of me, at work....still getting bitched at by my boss. And now he is bitching at everyone.....not just me. Someone called him and told him there was a rat in Dagmar's office and he flipped out on Debbie because she did'nt find it and dispose of it. Well, she did'nt know she was supposed to be looking for any rat. I thought that was unfair to her because the rat was behind a desk, dead. It's not like it was running around and she ignored it. I can't wait to leave this department, I just don't like it here anymore and I want to move on, I wish I could stay winthin the school at least part-time, but that would be hard to come by right now.

I orderd Sara's gift today, it will probly get to her house in about a week if not sooner :). Today I must get something for three other people and then I am done except for Jeffy, I will have to talk to him about that though, I have no idea what to do for him.

Tina called me last night and we confirmed our meeting for the shopping thing, I told her that I talked to Mych that last night and she was like "Have him go shopping with us!!!" I was like "Dude..that would be hilarious, I should". I am gonna call he and Tina soon so we can all decide where to meet up today. Tonight I don't know what is going on, I want to go to club because Pat is DJing I think and there is also a fashion show that I am interested in.

Don't know, we'll see ...
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