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The booty calls....

Well, my weekend was quite interesting and...well....a little shocking I guess.

Friday:Went shopping with Tina after work, I took the bus over to Southridge and meet up with Mych first, then Tina showed up like an hour or so later.
While I was talking to Mych awaiting Tina's arrival, I found out many thing I really did'nt want to know about him at all, like his sexual preferances and such. He felt the need to go into detail about how he likes to smoke paiodi (sp?) and go at it. I just sat there, half listening and trying to think of a good way to change the subject. I was not really into the conversation because he absolutely turned me off with the way he talked about himself. He became creepy instead of interesting and that was my signal to say "Forget it". I WAS interested at club the night I meet him, but after the little talk, he so royally struck out with amazing amounts of greasyness. Eeew.

When Tina showed up we went to a few stores, I got Katie's birthday/Christmas gift and then we got the hell outa there 'cause Tina was going to dinner with Nathan and she was taking me home before hand. When we dropped Mych off he did'nt even say goodbye, he slammed the car door and walked into the gas station we dropped him off at. Apparently, the way he was talking sounded like he expected me to want to date him or something, he actually got mad when I told him I was in love with someone else. He said "Well, what AM I doing here then?" like that's the only reason we invited him out. Damn, I mean...sorry to bust his bubble, but he totally bombed with me. He likes smoking weed and other similar smokey treats, he smokes alot and he does not have a job or a car. And all he likes to talk about is sex. He is almost my dad's age. NO.

I did go to club Friday night and I had fucking awesome time, I got to see Barika - who are WONDERFUL migh I add. Absolutely beautiful dancers, the show was very creative and the girls looked hot in their gothy, belly outfits. The fashion show was ok, but I don't know about those bracelets that cost $120.00 a piece and they look like you can get them at goodwill. I swear I had some that looked exactly like that when I was little. I danced it up after the shows 'cause Pat hooked me up with some good songage. Who is DJing this Wednesday? I forgot...I know it's not Chaank :( if they suck I'm not gonna go. I talked to this girl named Melissa Sahr that I have not talked to in years, I could not believe that she showed up there! We talked for a LONG time. It turns out that she is going to school for singing and she has a new boyfriend that lives in New York, and her little boy is doing great. I was so happy to see that she is working toward her dream and is doing exceptionally well in her life.

I told Todd that I will nest in his apartment and he was like "Oooohh oookay" with a mildly disturbed look on his face. But he said I would have a fun time nesting in the closet up there, he says it's like 80 X 80! that's a huge fucking closet. Well, at least I'll be pimpin'. Me and all my fellow nesters.

Saturday: I actually went to club again, I talked to Johnny on the phone for an hour and then Talleah called me and I ended up talking to her until I left. I danced my little booty off again. Jose showed up at the very end and so did my Tina bean. Ryan actually played my requests, that made me happy. Talked to Jose for a long time, as I always do when he is around, I petted him. He was talking about how horny he was...and weeeeeell..I was thinking a little dirty. I thought "I wonder if he would, just once" but I thought that would be bad, so I did'nt mention it. I went home and parked my car in the garage and started walking to the back door of my house when I thought that Jose was going to be there, somewhere. I decided to go get my mail and I walked to the front of the house and, sure enough....I saw the lights of his little Hundai in front of my house. He was there even before I got to my mail box. I saw him motion to me and I troted down the cold concrete steps to his car. He rooled down the window "Get in?" he asked. I did. The car stil running and warm, he looks at me....."What's up?" I asked, he kept looking at me and looking away, almost ashamed. "I'm having a moment of weakness" he says, his eyes almost begging me. Knowing full well what he meant but wanting the opposite, I asked "What do you mean by that?" he looks at me and says "Will you fuck me?".

I'll leave the rest of the night to your imaginations, and I'm sorry but I could not say no to him, I did'nt want to. I still love him, and he knows it, came to me because he knew that I think. Heh, I thought I was the one that would go first. Nnnnnnope. If you are wondering if it was worth it.......I'm walking funny, my crotch hurts and the party did'nt stop until 9AM baby. Muuaahaha!

Sunday: I am here, at Jeffy's, he actually woke me up with his call. We went to dinner at TGI Fridays and milled around the shops around Southridge, now we are just chillin' and I should probly go home soon.
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