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Oh holy painting.....

I did'nt do much of anything yesterday, I was mad at my car so I took it in to Maynard's again because my new engine is giving me problems and I have warrenty, so I better not have to pay for anything. Lincoln has been just miserable these past few days, stalling occasionally at stoplights and whatever, so I decided to save him any more anguish. My poor car. After I took my car in I had them drop me off at Southridge and then I took the bus straight home and started on a painting and made myself a nice cup of tea. I spent hours on my painting, and it shows. I am actually just about finished with it now, I have the background to cover and then that's it. It looks absolutely's a painting of Jeffy and I think it actually does him quite a bit of justice. I am a sucker for profiles and I have always admired his, and so he inspired me. I can't wait to show people.

Jose called me from work at 11 last night just to talk and see how I was doing. We had a really fun conversation, I just could not stop laughing, we really do have an awesome time when we are together. I also talked to my mom last night for awhile, it seems my step-sister Courteny, was annoying her last night, my mom was complaining that she was over because she's really loud and likes to stir up my other step-brother and sister when she comes over. I thought that was kind of funny. I actually like all of those kids, of's ME! I absolutely adore children, no matter whose they are. I get kind of mad at my mom sometimes for the way she treats my step-siblings, I believe that all children should be treated equally and with the same respect as any one else even if they are not your own. Sometimes she can really be selfish.

Today I am at my grandma's house, playing...of course, on the computer. It's the first place I go whenever I come to anyone's house, I think I have made computers my comfort zone. If I am at a home I have never been to and I go on their computer, I have found something familiar.

We are about to eat dinner soon, we are having what we have every year, christmas enchiladas. Yes, that's what I said. My grandpa is mexican, so every year we have all sorts of mexican food for the holidays. We have the normal stuff too, ham, turkey, sweet poatatoes.....but my favorite will always be the mexican stuff.

Wow...this computer is a lot faster than it was when I last came here on Thanksgiving. Thank god..

I am spending the night here tonight because my car is in the shop. I am totally cool with that because the computer is in MY sleeping room! HA HA!which means I will probly be online all night after the party.

I want to open presents!!! NOOOOOWWW!!!!

Happy christmas eve everyone!
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