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Should I or should'nt I.....

Well, I can't make a decision about my little dilemma. It's hard and I have no idea how to approach it. I am going to counseling about it Thursday.

I might be going crazy, I feel like I am sometimes.......but sometimes I think I am ok.

Last night I took the bus home and chilled for a bit at my house, later Jose came over and surprised me, I thougt he was gonna come over much later. He wanted to get a movie and eat with me, so we went to Cockbuster and Chipotle to get some bomb-ass giant burritos. Oh god I would DIE for those burritos. We rented that "Underworld" movie...I thought it sucked......over all anyway. It was a typical mainstream vampire movie complete with warewolves and beautiful, sexy looking vampires with big fangs and black hair. The only thing I thought was great about the film were the costumes, they were amazing, every dress the vamiresses wore was an absolute gem, probly VERY expensive to make. I wanted to have their clothes and wear them to club :). I garauntee all would be insanely jealous.

Today I am going to apply for a special program at 1:00, so I get to leave work soon.

My baby has band practice tonight, I am going to club.

I think I am now going to eat the rest of my burrito.
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