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My dying mind...

I have been quite drained these past few days, I have to come up with a decision soon.

Last night it was so cold, I went to club. I think the full moon really had an effect on the people at the club man.....they were just WILD! especially the boys. What was up with that?

I was not really into it, I danced a little but I felt so tired and hungry. I went home at 1:45 and went right to sleep after taking my vitamin. Jose did'nt want me to go to club because it's too smokey in there and he said it would not be good for me. Well, I really did want to go and I had to give Katie her present!!! which she LOVED. A beautiful rock, a magenta colored geod rock from Brazil. I picked it because the color reminded me of her red hair, and it's sparkly inside :).

Tonight I am going to clean my house I think. I don't really want to go anywhere except Jose's house, and I might go there tonight after he is done practicing. And I will be at the show at Vnuks on Saturday. Jose is going to be there earlier than me though, because he has to help set up and shit, but after that he is going to pick me up at Talleah's.

I am going to go downstairs and eat my sammich and drink hot chocolate now :).
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