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Snowy daze....

Oh man would ya look at the fuckin' weather?


It won't stop will it, we will be doomed to this white hell hole for two months won't we. So be it then :(.

At least it's not raining. I would rather wait for the bus in the snow than tha rain.

I talke to Talleah all night last night, and Jose for a little while, I told him to come by me in the morning so he could give me a big hug :). He did! he came over after work at 8 AM and we cuddled for a little while until he gave me a ride to work. I love my angel-boy. Tonight he gonna practic and then come and get me so we can eat and watch movies, we love to eat and watch movies. I am surprised we are not all fat and round.

Saturday is his show, I am going to Talleah's before that and then Jose is going to pick me up from there and we will make out way over to Vnuk's. I hope there are more people there than there were last time, which was like five. Better than nothing though. I gotta get film so I can take some pictures.

Hopefully Sara and I can get together some time this Sunday or next week, I will be looking forward to that :). Now I must go home and be good and clean some more.
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