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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
Ahhhhh, pot roast...

As I wait for my pot roast to cool, I will write in my journal.

The weekend was very calm, Jose and I were together for most of it, cuddling and watching movies. Occaisionally he would play guitar for me, something I absolutely LOVE. I could listen to him forever.

I went to Talleahs for awhile before the show on Saturday, she showed me her baby dwarf hamsters, they are damn cute. I totally get some, mine are going to be two white ones with red eyes. I love albino animals, one day I will have a house full of albino animals and pirhanas. I think it's going to be hard to find an albino alaskan huskey though, since that's the kind of dog I want. I'll just have to look real hard I guess, someone's got to have one.

Jose picked me up at Talleahs and we went right to Vnuks to get ready for the show. Many people showed up, I had an awesome time, Tina and Nathan, Josh and Stephany, Tim Johnson from Strangest Places and many other people were there to support the band. A pretty good number of people came just for Jose, which really made him happy. The show went very well, they had everything together, the sound could have been more even but you know how it is with some of those sound people (The chick behind the sound board was not really paying close attention to everyone). Jose was exceptional, you can really pick his playing from the rest of the bands. He has a way of making his playing fit into whatever band he is playing with, but still keeping his individuality apparent to the crowd. Overall the band kept everything together and it was pretty clean and they kept the energy flowing. They actually had more people watching them then any of the other bands there. I have noticed that Lockjaw has been getting better and better each time I see them. Stephan Savarino, the lead singer/ lead guitarist does a really good job with the business stuff, organising shows and making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be. He also makes sure they practice often during the week and that people are on time. The only thing I would suggest is that they try to get shows in other places more often, they seem to be sticking to that one bar for most of their shows.

Sunday was a cuddle day, Jose wanted me to stay at his house while he watched the game, which I did'nt care about but I stayed anyway. Damn we have alot of sex, and now it's even worse than before :). No complaints there! Talleah saw Jose for the first time and said "Damn, you're right he IS cute!" oh yes, my baby is SO cute.

I want to nap....oh sweet nap, why won't you come to me? no, not a wet-nap, a seepy nap. SEEPY!

Emotion: crankycranky
Boo Yah

Chi-Chi's Tuesday? It's been too long. Then we make plans alone, yes?

I entertained the idea of coming out to see Lockjaw, but uh, no offense, we've already discussed my opinion of them. Just not my "cup of tea". Maybe I should give them another chance now that Jose is playing with them, in another six months or so, maybe they won't sound like a bunch of random noise to me by then. ;)

What are you doing eating a pot roast at 10 o'clock in the morning?

Sex. You'd better be careful girl. No UTI for you! Drink that cranberry juice! (yes, I'm your UTI coach, cause I get them too) PEE! I gotta regulate Pat's always whining for "more". Too bad, it's MY terms now buddy. Oh sorry.

Still miss you.

Re: Boo Yah

Yes, I will be at Chi-Chi's on Tue. and we should totally make plans together, just me and you :).

Are you going to Pendragon's B-day party at Japanica? I would love to go, but I will only go if you do, you probly got an invite, so if you go, tell me. I have been wanting to try that resteraunt for a while, it's brand new and you actually sit on the floor and take off your shoes like they do in Japan I guess, that's part of the reason I am so excited about going.

Don't worry, I won't have too much sex, and I WILL pee for you!!! actually, Jose makes me pee after we have sex, every time! he does not want me to get infections anymore, 'cause it scares him.

I miss my Sara!!! I can't wait to see you tomarrow :).

Hey Girlie!

I don't think I sent you out an invite to my Sushi b'day dinner this Wed.!!! :(

I'm sorry.

I'd love to have you! :) It's at 7p.m. at Japanica.

All the info can be found in this post:

If you can make it, send me back a reply, also include if your bringing someone. :) If you can't, also send me back a reply. LOL!


Japanica, that's that new place where you sit on the floor like they do in Japan huh? I have always been interested in that place ever since I first heard that it was open.

I will be able to go if I have a ride, I can let you know by tomarrow ok?

Talk to you later!


I believe Sarah and Pat are going...

Hey, wait a minute... I don't think I know what side of town your on. So suggesting them might not be that great of an idea. LOL!