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And I realize....

Nothing could be better than being alive. Lately I have been taking the time to really feel and take in everything around me, the cold water running over my hands as I rinse my cup in the sink, the gooey soap the I wash with everyday in my bathroom, the way the sky lights up magenta/pink in the very early morning before I go to work, all the pretty, shiny cars driving around downtown. I would miss alot of things if I were not alive I think, I realize this.

I forgot about my apointment to look at a house on Wed. it goes from 6-6:15. Damn it, I really wanted to go to that dinner at Japanica though. Maybe I can still make it.

Tonight I am going to Chi-Chi's with everyone, I miss all my buddies and the chips and salsa too. Which reminds me, I have to go to the store and get groceries soon.

I wanna go and eat an orange, because they are cute and round :).
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