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Ohhhh yeah baby...

I got another interview at Northwestern Mutual next Wednesday. Woot. Maybe this time they won't take two months to hire someone for the job I applied for. The other one is STILL pending, and I don't know about you, but I think most people would have given upon that one by now. Common....two months to hire someone? are they that anal? Well, I guess they have to be, since they are one of the largest, most successful insurance companies in the U.S. Kristine, the girl that called me to set up the interview, said I had to take a "Basic Skills" test, which is probably a bunch of math problems and typing tests, which I have taken many times before. I took a test like that when I applied at the giant Bank One downtown a few years back. It was boring.

I decided that I am going to keep on applying for different jobs on Northwesterns on-line job site. That way, they will HAVE to hire me, 'cause one of them jobs has got to go through. I don't care if it takes me all summer, even if I get a job at some other office place, I will not stop applying there. Bring it on.

They will learn to love me :).

Last night I went to Jose's house after work, I took the bussy bus over there because it made no sense to go all the way home and get my car just to go there. I walked in the apartments little hallway thing where they have all the mailboxes along each side of the wall and I walked over to the thing where you punch in the door number and the people buzz you in. I saw that the door was kind of off the hinges, so I decided to go right up. I knocked on Jose's door but he was not home. I waited for him on the steps, and then I got a little idea. I wanted to be sneaky, so I planned that when I heard him come up the stairs I would throw the little froggy stuffed animal I had at him. That would for sure surprise him. What I really wanted to do was hide and jump out at him and say "boo!", but the way those apartment hallways are set up, there is no where to hide good enough, he totally would have seen me.

So I did throw the froggy when he came up the stairs, it was funny....he was walking up and then this little beanie frog lands right on the step in front of him. Awwwee, it was cute. He just stopped and looked at it and picked it up, I started laughing a little and he was like "What's this?" and he laughed too. We had a good time together, he did'nt want me to leave and go to Chi-Chi's, but I told him I promised that I would go. He and I had Jalisco's, gotta love that mexican food. I brought it today for my lunch.

One good thing about having a big dinner is that I usually don't finish it and I get to bring into work the next day for lunch.

Tonight is the wonderful house appointment and then Sara and Pat are comming to get me so we can all go to Japanica for din din. I excited about it :).


"I'm so excited!!! and I just cant hide it!!!"

I rule.
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