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SO today was interesting, my cousin Jodi picked me up, we went to my aunt Sharons and I saw my dads side of the family, a whole bunch of new babies were just born so it's really getting big on that side. My aunt Janet gave me a ride to my dads and from there I went to my mom/stepdad's house. Damn I'm fat today. I feel fat. I got soooo much food in the fridge now, pie all around yo! I swear I could feed an army with all this pie. Pumpkin, apple, cheesecake, you name it. It was so noce to talk with all of my family tonight, I never see them and I was so glad I did, I actually talked to my cousin Andy for the first time and I found out, he's a really cool guy. Hmmmm, besides that my night last night was soo fun, I went out with my friend Logan and it was just cool cause he has never been to club and that's where we went, I'm glad they played SOME decent music last night, but they did not play certain things that they always play except for a few songs. Yeah I got kinda tipsy, but it faded fast cause I was dancing so much. I think he liked it there, I hope so anyway. I saw Nick and Jeffy and we walked for awhile then Logan, Jeffy and me and this one chick I don't know went to Pizza Puddle. I went to bed after that I was sosooooooo tired. Now I am about to do some homework.
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