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Happy hunting...

So my landlord called yesterday and told me that she has found someone to take over the lease. I have to be out of my house by January 30 or 31st. So, whoever wants to help me move and is off of work that weekend, I would be very thankful :). My step dad said he would get me a truck and he, my mom and grandpa will be helping too. Now it's exam time...time to find an apt. in two weeks. Here goes nothin'.

Anyway, last night was rockin'.....went to Japanica (which is amazing) for T.J.'S party. The soup was really interesting, and I had caviar for the first time. my dinner was so damn good, I can't really describe the taste because it was so different from anything I have ever had before. Even just the texture was different. I loved every bite and will no doubt go back another time. Damn we packed 'em in there though, I think we had over 20 - some people in there. Pat and I kept trying to kill each other with our utensils. I wonder if the waitresses thought we were crazy :).

After the din we went to club, I really was not that into it by the time one rolled around, I was tired and hungry and I did'nt feel comfortable in what I was wearing, my shirt kept bothering me all night. I think I got food coma from the filling dinner. (Food coma - the groggy, tired feeling you get after you eat a full meal, a sedating after food effect).

It was nice to see my Sara, finally after all these days. I got her a Clamor mag. subcription for christmas and it came!!! eventhough they did'nt know it 'cause Pat's sister totally bogarted the magazine, I guess she likes it too :).

I talked to some guy from the Cynergy 67 band last night at club and he was all excited talking to me, telling me about what they do on stage. I did'nt even know who they were until then, but I did'nt say that.I always feel bad when people from a band ask me if I heard of them and I have'nt. He wanted me to come to the show, but I don't know, that's the weekend that Jose will be in Hollywood (Jan.23,24) so I wanna be busy with my close friends for those days. Sara, you and I should plan something for that weekend, since I know you're off...let's make a deal...muuahhaha.

I was thinking that if I don't find a place, I will put all my stuff in storage and stay with Talleah for awhile, afterall, she DID say last night, that I could if needed. Which would allow me to save all my money from work, pay off all my hospital bills and be set for summer, when I would find a new place, I would look for September 1st. But that's only a worst case scenario, it WOULD be smarter for me to do that, but I really want my own space, I have massive sharing problems and I would have no real privacy. *Sigh* I hope something works out for me.
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