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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
A starchy lunch...

Yeap, I am having a very starchy lunch, it consists of rice and mashed potatos. I also had some sour cream and onion chips. They used to be my favorite, but now it's the salt and vinegar and quacamole chips. I think of chips as a treat since I rarely eat them. I usually have granola or fruit for a snack.

Oranges have been my latest craze.......I eat them all the time at work.

I finally had tea today, my school stopped buying complimentary tea for everyone, so I have been at a loss. I am not supposed to have much caffine...buuuut I think it will be fine.

To Sara, Katie and Christiellen...the size of it is about this ----->(_) and that's exactly the size too, in case you wanted to know.

Jose and I are chillin' this weekend, we don't have plans yet, but I know at least one thing we have to do is watch that movie I picked out. He has practice Saturday, I was thinking of going to Talleahs during his little thing, since it's on the way to Stephan's parents house. I put the rose Jose gave me in a pretty glass vase, and then I took a picture of it with the sun hitting it, I hope the picture looks as good as it did in my viewfinder. My baby came over last night to cuddle with me and talk for a little while before he went to work, that made me pretty happy :).

I get out at three today, after work I will get the giant boxes in my car and start packing more of my stuff away.

Emotion: busybusy

im not even gonna ask what (_) is.



and if you need help, don't hesitate to call me, or email, or whatever. I'm pretty strong and can lift a whole lot...and carry it too!!!

Oh, and don't forget....Wednesday....club....my birthday (25 again) heheheheh...I'll be emailing and ljing everyone about it :)


Sorry I did'nt make it to club.....I wanted to spend Jose's last days in WI. with him :).

He's going to Hollywood tomarrow :).

Happy birthday though!!

I need to talk to you.....


You better remember me! I'm Nick May! Remember me now?? faabshaam@yahoo.com