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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
Almost there....

So I am on my to being done with packing....I need to pack my dishes and under the sink chemicals and then all my books and photo albums and I am finished. Tomarrow I plan to take my birds, coats and some little boxes over to Talleahs. The room is looking good over there, I even have CABLE now....oh man, now I can watch crank yankers and cool medical shows and animal planet.

I just drank some REALLY sweet grape juice - holy shit was that sweet. It's such a dark purple that it's almost black. Well fancy that......gothic grape juice. :)

I don't know how I will get my fishie over to Talleahs, won't his bowl lose all the water riding in the car? someone will have to hold him while I drive. I think Jose will have to do it, or it's goodbye to my cute and beautiful indiga.

I know what I am getting Jose for his birthday.......hee hee, I hope none of this this geta back to him - which it probly won't, so here goes...I am going to buy him tickets to go see Ani Difranco in February. Is'nt that cool? I nice :). It's the best thing I could think of - besides buying him a new guitar. I know his gift HAS to do with music, since he is basically a walking music note with a sex drive :).

Last night I went to eat with Jose and I also went with him to the tanning place in Prospect mall. I did'nt know there were so many thing you can do in the mall there, I did'nt even know that place existed until a few years ago. We had noodles for dinner......they were so good that I saved the rest of them for lunch today.....not like I don't ALWAYS not finish my food anyway.

So I just heard that the Rock Shop burned down! what the hell?? no one tells me these things 'till like four days later. So that means Lock Jaw's show was cancelled. I wonder if they are relocating the show at all, but Jose has not said anything about it, so I guess not.

So I went to that interview and it turns out that I don't really like that mail coordinator job too much, they want you to do way to much with lifting boxes, I don't really want to move from my desk. So I decided not to do it. That other job says they might still call me back, but I don't think it's worth my time to wait on their asses forever, if they call me, they call me. And now I look elsewhere.

Emotion: determineddetermined

lol @ gothic grabe juice. missed you last night. you woulda made my good night, great!

I'm sorry hun!! I just have not been able to take the smoke anymore! it all gets in my eyes and shit.

damn it....maybe I can go next week....and I'll wear glasses or something, plus - I can bring my MAN if I go next week, since he is off of work for a whole week!

I'll help you move your fishy if Jose won't. EAT STRAWBERRIES WITH SARA.


Missing you.

Hi my Jeffy.....I miss you too :(.

Are you busy on Sunday? I don't have plans for that day at all, let me know.

Or maybe I'll call you.

Well, like I said, my car broke down.. I'm fairly stationary.