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And it gets closer....

Well, almost time to move all the way in with Talleah, I have two more trips to make and then I am DONE.

I called this place called " WI. Citizen action" because I saw a flyer posted at MIAD saying that they need help with promoting their services. I called and talked to the girl, "Shelly" about the job. Unfortunatly, the hours are 1:30 to 10:00 PM, but the work is really interesting, you go out into the public and try to get people's interest in whatever it is that the group is dealing with. The section that I would be working in is actually of particular interest to me, it deals with promoting health care for the less fortunate and those who just can not afford it, dissability rights and so on. I am interested in human rights and would actually be happy to support the pull for charitable health care. I myself can't get the care I need because I have no insurance, so I am also in the catagory of, for lack of a better word, "Less fortunate" in terms of getting health care. Maybe I should think about it, the hours really suck though, I HATE second shift, I have always been a first shifter and I really did not want to change my ways. But I am really interested in being involved in a citizen action group and it would be a change for me, since I am always on one side of the spectrum, it would be nice to get behind the scenes for awhile.

I will give it another thought and see if it grows on me, maybe some of my friends will have some ideas or opinions on it.

My baby is on vacation this whole week, so he is comming to pick me up tonight after I get home from taking stuff over to Talleahs. It's cool cause I got to sleep with him on Sunday night, which never happens because he works third shift. I was so happy :). And tonight I get to do the same.

I got this cute thing, it's a tea leaf steeper. You put your loose tea leaves in it and dunk it in your cup. It's so cute, it is shaped like a tea kettle and has holes all around the sides. you hole it by a little chain in the top of the kettle so you can dunk it...aawweee. I remember buying it when I was with Daniel in Madison.

I just got done eating my fake chicken strips, and I am now going to go down and get my daily second cup of tea.

Ooooooh ya.
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