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And the story goes....

Well I am officially moved out! we had a terrible moving day, everyone was freezing, it was the coldest day of the year so far. Great timing ey?
My landlord told me to be at the old aptartment at 12:00 noon Saturday morning, but she had Carrie there at 7 AM! that was not really fair I thought, since Carrie is in a much more sensitive state than I. Talleah and I did some cleaning on Friday, but we did'nt finish so we left all the cleaning stuff for the next day. I can't believe Lori, I think she was the shittiest landlord I have ever had, no, I take that back......Katz properties. That guy WAS the shittiest landlord I have ever been in contact with. Never move into a building that says "Katz properties" on the side. I don't mean to blacklist them, but they really were unfair to us and many others I know who have rented through them.

I feel bad about not being their early to finish cleaning with Carrie, but Lori told me I had to be their at a totally different time :(. Oh well, it's done with now.

Anyway, life at Talleahs is actually really fun, I laugh my ass off almost every night now, talking and playing video games and shit. She really had a lot of video games and board games too. kids would never be board going over to her house. I am actually getting used to having kitties by me all the time now. Last night Pagan, the girl kitty, came and nuzzled her way onto my lap, she was so insistant on getting as close to me was she could until I was holding her like I would a small baby. I love cuddly kitties!!!! Celeste, the black boy cat likes me a whole lot more too, he used to run away when I would come over, but now he curls up on my lap and stares at me, waiting for hugs and pets. Awwwee kitty LOVE.

This morning I thought my fishie was dying :( he was at the bottom of the bowl, lying under his plant. When I moved the plant, he woke up and swam to the other side of the bowl. I guess I woke him up and I think he was mad at me. Sorry fissie! so I fed him to make up for it.

I think my birdies were the only happy animals in the house this morning. A mad betta, fighting hamsters, sleepy cats and a grumpy floppy-eared bunny made up the rest of them. I guess 7 AM is not the time to play.

Now is the time to hunt for a new home, a little early - but I really wanna get an idea of what I REALLY want out of my house and the area it's in. I was thinking about Bay View and Shorewood and St. Francis, all nice areas that are relatively safe. I am glad I have lots of time to look and make a good decision this time.

I better get going, I gotta give Snapfish my new addy and phone #.
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