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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
Oh no...MORE snow...

Well, I took the 15 bus this morning from Talleah's tp work, I was 10 min. late :(. Good thing my boss did'nt notice.

The fish I ate for dinner was gross......so now I am looking foreward to eating my yogurt. It's a fruit on the bottom kind, my favorite :).

I don't know if anyone does the Tue. thing at Chi-Chi's anymore, it seems like no one really goes now, I don't know. I am trying to decide what I should do tonight. I really want to get out and go somewhere, I need to get to the bank and the grocery store too. That means I get to see Rachel, haha....I love Rachel. In highschool, people knew her as "Kip's sister". Her brothers knickname was Kip, I guess, though I never called him that. I just called him Justin.

I had a mad migrane yesterday, it hit right after I got gas at Mobil. There were these little rainbows or "blind spots" in my eyes that I always call "Warning signs" they usually appear right before a migrane hits. I like them there, because I know to take aspirin right away so I can treat my headache before it comes. I hate them at the same time, because they block parts of my vision and I can't see well. I was trying to drive with only half of my vision, it was hard, thank god they have stop lights on BOTH sides of the street, otherwise I would have had to rely on watching the other cars for guidance. No wonder why it's illegal to drive if you only have one eye that works.

I feel like going to the Milwaukee Museum, the last time I went there was when I was on jury duty two years ago, I miss it, expecially the butterfly exhibit. You get to walk around in there, surrounded by tons of beautiful butterflies flying all around you. It's cute, cause sometimes they get out and there is a person there who has to catch them if they fly out the door after you. I would actually like to work there with the butterflies, I wonder if they have any openings. I was thinking of starting to work with animals somehow, it would be a big change for me because I have never done it.

Man I can't wait for summer! house hunting and new job hunting will be fun this year I think.

Emotion: mellowmellow

There was just a lull in the gathering last week. The prior weeks have been relatively well attended it seemed... or at least every other week.

Personally I prefer staying home, as my budget doesn't exactly allow me to go out 5 of 7 nights (Tuesday-Chi-Chi's, Wednesday-Banjo lesson & Club, Thursday-Bowling, Saturday-Club, and now Sunday-Club). Nor has it even when I had a job.

Force of habit more than anything. I think I stopped having money when I started going out.

Re: Actually..

Yeah, they have well attended before, I guess. I just thought that the past couple weeks people have not been too gung-ho about it. I will be there next week though, are you gonna be there?

Is your window fixed yet? if it is not....did all the snow go in the back of your car the past few snows?? haha.....I was thinking about that today, you must have a mountain in there!

tina said YES CHI CHI"s tonight. shes stalking us all later. prepare.


Dude, I should give you my number....it's 769-8202 :)

Sorry I dod'nt show up last night, I did'nt get to check the computer in time to know ya'll were goin' out.

Next week though...

Tuesday thang. Yeah, it seems to be going strong, Pat and I didn't go this week or last week though.... we will start going again next week. We are fine and happy even if we end up being the only ones there... cause we just eat chips and talk. But yeah, next week... I'll make some phone calls or something. We gotta incorporate the movie night back into it, I miss that and I'm WAY behind on my movie watching.


Yeah, I will be there next week, now that I am closer, I will have an easier time driving there :).

I miss the movie thing too, I think I get too tired though, and that's probly why I stopped going to the movie thing.