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I sit and wait...

Hmmmmmm....what to write. I guess I am not really happy lately, I feel people breaking thier promises and I see it. Things they say are become irrelevant later on. How can people change so much in so little time. I feel a certain friend ship becoming slowly stale and it's not with anyone on LJ. I am very sad though I should not be. I am very sensitive to certain people, some phase me, some do not. And some who once phased me no longer do. It all takes time and I realize this and it is what I am waiting for. Time to slip really deos'nt go any faster deos it. I already know that nothing lasts forever, but I wish I could apply that to everyday things more often. I went and saw a free movie with Jeffy, Kaleigh&Billy and Mike&Alli tonight, it was pretty cool, Triple X was the name of it, I really got into that movie. I talked to Elliot tonight and he said some sweet things to me that made me happy for a little while. I was happy with my friends too. I am going to the mall with my cousin tomarrow just to hang out, I need a change of pace and it would be good to catch up with her. I really should do my homework soon, I finished my portfolio now I gotta do some watercolor paintings.
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