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It's getting closer....

Hmmmm.....yesterday I went right home after work and Talleah had the bunny and all the kitties on the bed, one of the kitties swatted at the bunny because it was poking at her ass while she was trying to sleep. Heh, well I can't really blame her for that one.

Jose came over last night before band practice to see me and he ate a little pepperoni pizza and drank his little coffee, he has to have it every day, sometimes multiple cups. I told him that caffine blocks the absorbtion of iron and he is anemic, which means he needs extra iron, so it could be contributing to his tiredness and his aches and pains he has been having for years. I swear if he would even cut down a little, his arthritis would get much better.

I thought he would never show up last night, we were supposed to go out to eat but he woke up a little too late for that so he just ate by me. I was happy to have him with me but I wish he would have stayed longer. I get to see him tomarrow though, I am not sure what time though.

I went shopping last night at like 10, after Jose left. I got six Juicy Juices, two gallons of milk, some dried beans and a box of "Blueberry Morning" cereal and eggs too. I knew Talleah wanted eggs and I got 2% milk for them because that's the only kind they like. I only drink skim, so I got that for me.

I should go and find more food now, since my soup did not quench my hunger....hmmm. Machine time.
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