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Weekend of laziness

Yeah, this weekend was pretty lazy, I was tired and hungry alot and we were rushed a little. Jose was late for practice Saturday and I went home for a few hours. during the weekend my fishy died, so Talleah went and bought me a new one! he is cute too, I named him Orin. I found out why my other fish died, apparently, the water that goes to the house has a high content of acid in it I don't know what kind but I think that means maybe they should do a water test, it will tell them if they need to have a filter system put in like a Britta water filter, those have proven to be actually very helpful. I know a few people who have them and they all say that it works well, the water tastes better and is cleaner. Given that you maintain it correctly. I did a water test at my home in riverwest and it came out perfect, to my HUGE surprise. I got a little kit sent to me in the mail and I had a fun time using it, like a little game. You put little tablets in and watch the water change color, you can test for iron, chlorine and lead along with some minerals that I have never heard of.

Talleah also bought a huge fish tank for the hallway between our bedrooms, with giant gold fishies in it. They are massive! she says that they will grow to be a foot long from head to tail. Damn. now those are BIG fish. I don't think they are Coi fish, they don't have wiskers or real long tails. I forgot their formal name.

The house is slowly becoming consumed by animals. Yesterday, the two chinchillas were in the bathroom, running around and I had to get ready for bed so I just closed the door and joined them in there. While I was brushing my teeth, they would jump onto my feet and try to climb up the inside of my pant leg. I kept feeling them sitting on my feet. It was cute. They can really jump high, into the bathtub and the sink. If the windows were open they would jump right out - I hope the windows have screens for when summer comes.

I put my hamsters in the hamster balls the other day, I wonder if they really like it, or if they are just trying to get out. I would'nt like it. Maybe I will just build mazes for them to run through instead of the ball thingies. Then I can put treats at the end :).

My boss has not come in yet and he did'nt call ...wooooo!

Today I will go and get Jose's b-day present after work. His birthday is tomarrow.

Damn this cider is good, imma go get more.
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