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My bladder hurts, I hope I won't get another infection. Time to self-medicate. Sulfameth, here I come.

I had a nice Sunday night, club was GREAT. Talleah was there and Jeffy and Sara and Tina and everyone. Lockjaw did a wonderful job, and they keep attracting these crazy headbangers. There was one guy who just did'nt quit until the show was done, I wondered if he would be able to stand afterward. Talleah was like "Maybe he'll have a seizure". It was pretty entertaining. I got alot of good pictures this time and I was ecstatic to find out that I could get lots of close-ups easily because they are my specialty. I was actually thankful that the stage is so close to the audience and the ground, it enabled me to get lots of the audience incorporated into the pictures.

Lots of people came up to me, telling me how good Jose was and that they did'nt know just HOW good he was. I told Jose that and he was all proud and happy, my sweet boy :). Awweeee. They got a few offers from people at the show who wanted them to play at their venues/parties in the spring and summer which is pretty cool. I am happy for them overall.

Sunday night was great, I stayed at Jose's house and I was so comfortable it was unbelieveable, I did'nt want to leave. His place was so warm and cozy and I did'nt want to stop cuddling. If I were a kitty, I would have purred.

Monday I played with my hammies after work and Pagan refused to get off of my lap. I think she wanted to eat the hamsters. Bad kitty.

Tonight I am going to Chi-Chi's and bringing Talleah along too. I will probly be there at around 8. See ya'll there.

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