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Had a nice weekend....Jose and I did alot of movie watching and sleeping, well, HE slept alot but I kept waking up on Friday while we were taking a nap. So I hung out with the cat for awhile, the snow kitty :).

Saturday we went to the Milwaukee Public Museum and had an AWESOME time! we went over to the little bug area to see live bugs they had on display and Jose held a cockroach from Madagaskar and a walking stick. They were too creepy for me to hold, so I did'nt want to touch EITHER of them, no matter how much Jose wanted me too. I forgot how much he loved bugs. My favorite has always been the streets of old Milwaukee thing and now the butterfly exhibit has come in also as a favorite. I was thinking though, that the kids that go in their might not treat the butterflies right......I can just imagine a little brat pulling the wings off of one. I swear there were like 12 kids in that little room. I think only a certain amount of people should be allowed in there at a time, but noooo....they would probly let like 40 in there. I saw this poor butterfly that looked so sad.....he was clinging to the net by the window and his wings were all tore up....I saw the others that looked like him and saw that his wings were actually supposed to be much bigger than they were :(. Ohhh....cute grey spotted butterfly. That's it!! lemme at him.....I'll kill the son of a bitch that grabbed him by his wings!


Anyway, we had a good time all in all.

This week should prove to be pretty entertaining, Tuesday I have a MIAD special artist party in our main building, Wed. At Random with Sara and Friday a MIAD illustration party for our resident senior illustrators, which includes my friend John Ireland, little John or Johnathan Lee. I am mainly going to support him and my other friends that are illustrators. I also heard about a Clamor music festival, which I will also be attending in March, it will be held at bucket works and it only costs $5 to get in.

Good stuff to get my mind off things.
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