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Damn it....

I can't believe that I spilled tea on my keyboard today, I was SO pissed off about it. Well, let's see if the spilled-on area works 0.123456789+-*/=.....yup, seems to be in perfect working order, phew. I thought this bitch was done for.

Got alot of doctor bills to pay, approximately 2500.00 bucks in ER bills. That shit really adds up. I am glad I don't have an apartment to pay for right now.

If I play my cards right I can have all of that paid of in two months, I guess I better get on it.

I am not going to the little party at MIAD today because of a shortage of funds, I need that money to pay my bills so I will sacrifice tonight for it. Instead I am going to go to my grandparents house for dinner and to hang out with them, since they rule. My grandma bought me more skirts and shirts and stuff. Yesterday Talleah bought me a beautiful long black skirt with small dark flowers on it, I totally love it.

Woo, I get off at 5 today, I can't wait because I am HUNGRY. My grandma is making Chorizo and something else, I have never had that sooooo it will be a little surprise.

I applied for a job in Brookfield today, I don't know why but I really like the job description, mainly data entry and data processing stuff. It sound like that same thing I am doing now but with much better pay. I don't know about driving there every day though, without the freeway, it's gonna take me ASS long to get there. That's the only thing that will suck if I get a job way out there.

Oh well, I can go bother my Sara at Barnes and Nobles and we will have a party in the back room where she works... HA HA!

I should probly go now, since it's almost time to leave.

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