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Stormy stormy Monday...

It's been forever since I could hear the sounds of a thunderstorm, spring is on it's way :).

The only thing I worry about is hail, without my poor Lincoln has to sit out in all the bad weather! and I really don't want to have to pat for fixing hail damage.

The weekend was actually nice, minus Saturday, which was frustrating and saddening. I still have not gotten it done.

I saw that "Up Town Girls" movie, it was pretty good but a little sad, Jose liked it too. We went for a walk Sunday and it beautiful out, it was good to walk around, we went to this store called "Greenfields" and it's sort of a hippie store, lot's of inscence and Budda and Hindi stuff, tie-dye and what not. They also have wonderful jewelery and clothes there, I almolst pulled out my credit cards....but I stopped myself. I think remembering that I have $2000.00 worth of medical bills to pay within a few months got me. *sigh* ah well, shit happens.

I went to a MIAD party on friday, it was awesome! I had such a good time, I think Sara would have liked it. I hung out with John Lee most of the time, it was well worth it. I ate free food and had free drinks there too, it was a MIAD fishy fry.

One thing that always rules about this school is that they hook you up phat with free food all the time. I can't count all the free sammiches I got from this place. And free cookies and Krispy Kremes and everything.

Talleah got yet another animal, it's a cray fish, he is all blue and his name is Cray. Pretty simple.

I don't know of that's how you spell crayfish, but I don't really care.

I am going to get all wet tonight waiting for the bus on Water street. Then I have to get in my car and drive to the banky bank. looks like it stopped raining, maybe there is HOPE :).
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