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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
What the hell?

Well, last night I was talking to Jose for awhile, we talked about lots of things, got into it a little......got over it.

I found out that apparently there is someone he recently talked to that knows about our situation and that read my journal and told him that I was talking about it it "Script" or code or something. Well, that my be true, but I would appreciate it if, whoever you are, you would please stay out of my business.....he did'nt tell me who it was, and I am going to ask him tonight, and he will most likely tell me. I feel violated and intruded upon, I don't like it when people are talking about my journal entries to others, unless I know they are saying something. I think if I knew who it was maybe I would not care as much, I mean, it could have been someone at the show last weekend, I don't know. But I am not comfortable with that. I would like it if you asked me first, if you can say anything about my journal entry.

I posted most of the posts about my situation in a friends post only, so it was not public, and so it must be someone on my friends list. If you know about our situation and have recently mentioned to him that you saw me say something on line about it, tell me who you are. I will not be so upset if I knew it was a friend on here that I trust, so if you are...tell me, if not - stay out of here.

Now I am going to change my journal to a friends only journal, if any public people are opposed, add me.

Emotion: aggravatedaggravated

dude. not that anyone should say anything to HIM, but you should be able to write what the hell you want. Its really none of his business how you express your pain. This was your situation, and in my opinion, even more so than his. It was YOUR decision to have to make, and oooh don't even get me started. You can make this friends only, but I still suggest you write what the hell YOU WANT. And like you said, it was a friends only post, so it was someone who's on the "inside"

Yeah, very true. I will continue to say what I want, but I will just be a little more cautious with whom I let in. I have learned with LJ that you can't trust alot of people on here.

I will probly turn off my anonymous posting too, so I can't get any smart ass remarks from any poopatraders!! :).

Jose told me last night that he was pissed that I made our situation so "Public" and I told him that I did'nt know that he wanted me not to say anything to anyone. He was like "Maybe it's not rational, but I am still pissed nontheless".

Oh well, I needed people to talk to, and my closest friends were there for me and he knows that so he kind of shut up about it.

I don't know, all this is just too much right now.

I'm sure. He should deal in his way, and you should deal in yours.

I know how you feel. Mostly my entries now-a-days are just about silly stuff since learning way more people go out of their way to read up on this thingy than I thought. I wouldn't worry about someone else's bad words of opinion though, just think that they should have a better way to use those brain cells and don't. It almost makes it sad then.


in this situation, you for sure get to say whatever you want, however you want

i love you... and i need yer email...sorry i havent been around we'll talk soon

I have three E-mails : Chrighstallin@yahoo.com, Chrighstallin@aol.com and lucid03@excite.com :)

You can pick any one you want to use.