Chrystal Ann Kaminski (surrealkiller) wrote,
Chrystal Ann Kaminski

Say Anything....

Yup Anything was soooo awesome last night! I have not seen all those people be so energetic before :). Rose, we are such ho's! yeah I'm sorry but I just had to molest you and Keri all night, she can be our third heh heh. Girl you are WWAAYYY to obvious w/mr. hedghog- you know what I mean ;). Thanx John, for carrying me outside, that was cute- I don't think I would have left otherwise!. There were so many people there from my highschool, it was like a Planet reunion, is it just me or is Anything becoming a second Planet? Josh was there and Darcy and Ari-who are now dating, I have not seen them in four years, damn they BOTH have changed so much. This time is flying by, I'm glad I am enjoying it! Another thought just popped into my head, the population at Club is also becoming largely influenced by Greendale more and more Hmmmm. (Invasion of the Greendalians)
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