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Ever since you looked my way......

Yes, last night was quite eventful I must say, I danced soooo much, they kept playing all my favorite songs all in a row, my favorite bieng the VNV Nation one they played. I looooove VNV Nation, I need some CD's from them, I don't even have ONE- it's so sad. Got lot's of cuddling from a certain someone "Awwwe" *little smile* cuddling rules. On the latter side of the night, there was much drama in one corner of my extended group of friends, I just did not know what to say to them, but I know they are so done :(. And Brittany, remember my quote and what Meg said, you matter to us. You don't have to believe me but I want to say that because it's true to me and I would never say something like that for my health. There are some people that you just can't help sometimes. I hate it. *Sigh* anyhoo....after John carried me out again (you r so cute ;}) Nick and I decided I would go with him (Nick), he took me to his house and I stayed over there and did'nt get back till like 7:00 AM. Damn! and I'm not even tired....I rule. I had to get in the house, change and get on the bus to school right away for my 8:00 Biology exam, which I KNOW I aced! I was not confused about any questions at all yeay me! One more day, tomarrow is my last day, last critique of the semester. Then I am off of school for two weeks. I can't wait.
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