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Yeah, I have to say that last night I had a good time talking on line and shit.....I found out a lot more about someone that I am quite interested in :)(you know who you are) heh heh. I must say I was pleased w/ my night :). So I am wondering....Brittany, are we all still going tonight? Erin are u going? I'm just checking to make everything is still underway for tonight.....I'll call you Brittany ok? So I am going to check out this new club tonight, well new for me anyway, it's called Mantra and I have never heard of it until now....I wonder what the dress code is like. Oh well, I'm wearing my long white dress anyway (yes I said white) no one has ever seen me in all white before, it ALWAYS freaks people out. I'm gonna wear my white coat w/ it too and this cute shirt I am wearing right now, it's like a renissance type deal, the sleeves are all long and flowy n' stuff. I hope I get the CD from John soon...yeah he's gonna make me a kick ass mix of songs from a whole lotta Leather Strip- Rock tha cock yo. I swear that guy has more music than Jeffy!!!
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