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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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Explanation of content...
This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]

So, I have been very busy, I have since gone to two raves in a row, Liquid Groove and United we Dance, three if you count the sucky one in New Berlin. I had fun at the two big raves, but most at United we dance, it was so massive I got a free cd. I am going to Crystal Method next Saturday and also to the pol tour with Rammstein and Mudvayne and all them, so like, theres this Jeffy, and he never E-amiled me...I think he should (I love u Jeffy!!!) tee hee

oh chrystal...

what if all the poop disappeared? i miss ya check out me live journal i'll call you soon...

da lena

Re: oh chrystal...

Hey Lena!

I am at school.....are you? I used to go to

school with poop, but I think he quit. How are you

we should chill sometime, I have those pictures and I can give them to you now ok? :) see ya.

Re: the poop has plooped

So like, Jeffy, where are you now? still at home? Do you work now? cause when you do, I usually never hear from you forever. Dude, I have done so many things since I have last seen you, I went to like 2 more raves and Parker came with us last night, but that rave got busted. Logan came with too, you know, he is a raver now? yeah, he wears Addidas visors and big ass pants now, he even dances with glowsticks! I thought I would never see the day. I have not heard from Sidra or anyone in a long time, not even Lena. Do you see anyone anymore? I go to school with Kimmys boyfriend, he is pretty cool. I have not seen Kimmy in forever either. Say hello to her for me.

Re: the poop has plooped

You are my jeffy! I miss you......we gotta chill

when do you have off? I want to get ahold of

you, can I call you at home at night? or no. Kyle

misses Jeffy too. I can pick you up sometime,

that would rule. Which Taco City do you work

at? Oh damn, Lynn had her baby huh? did you

see it yet? is it ok? we so gotta talk. So like

tell me what's up and I will get back to you.

well this is some damn old poop prolly making a stinky mess...

oh crystal i miss you a whole lot sorry for my lack of communication...i've been really busy trying to graduate working alot ya know. so i'm guessing you went to bugged out angela told me she saw you right before all the shit went down. yeah so i think i have mono it's real shitty but ehh...i'm lena i'll get over it yeah me and jeffy haven't been talking much either anymore he doesn't love me anymore sid's a little lonley i'm guessing. i want to go see her really bad but it's not in the cards which is kinda sad i mean i know she's real lonley i wish she would've stayed but ya know she likes being independent. i don't know i miss kimmie a whole lot too and you of course. give kyle my best as well. ya know who else i really miss alot "probly not scott". well shits been exceptionally said and routine now that i think about it. i guess summer is over ya know after all the little halloween kegger parties and all the leaves are gone it's officially time for wisconsin to get fat and melancholy. i'm suddenley very depressed thinking about all this well chrystal i miss you a whole lot and we definetley have to talk so yep yep hit me up later baby

p.s. the other day in this old notebook i found this picture i drew with crayons and i remember drawing it whjen i was on the phone with you like 2 years ago it even has a fruity fly in it(do you remember those damn fruity flies). well it made me get all nostalgic and bought a tear to my eye i think i'm getting real depressed and cracked out me and keffy rolled this weekend at our homecoming and had so much fun but since then everything has benn goin bad. i got in a car accident angela is M.I.A ehh i'm real sick...ehh life's shitty. i don't even feel like myself i mean i don't usually talk like this i mean i ramble and i'm sensitive but i usually crack a smile at some point in my rambling. well we gotta talk. i miss ya lots
-love ya-

For Lena


Hey girl, what is up? I have been so busy with Kyle, we go to alot of family shit. I really miss you and Jeffy and everyone. So like yeah, I remember those fruity flies! and the Wa-ter! I E-mail Jeffy alot now, what is your regular E-mail? so I can put you on my list. I keep telling Jeffy I will pick him up someday and we will kick it. You should too. Did lynn have her baby? Is it ok? I really want to see it. Is Sidra
working? did she make more friends up their? I hope so, I should give her a call. I have those pic's I really need to give you. I go to school with Kimmy's boyfriend Timm, he is cool, he loves my trench coat. Hee hee. Well I gotta go to class, so I will talk to you later. Byeeee :).