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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]

Well, today is no a very good day, I am in school and I just had critique, I fucking hate it. No body ever says anything good about anybodys painting.......granted I was not finished, but that deos not mean that there were no good things about it! well screw all my upity MIAD mates, I am sick of you and your conforming ways.

hey Chrystal

it's you fairweather friend Lena. I'm sorry i've been such a poop about staying in touch but hey i graduate in like 6 days so thats really cool andi'v been a little busy with that shit but anyways just sayin whats up and i'll try to keep in touch better
love Lena

Re: hey Chrystal

Hello Lena!

What is up? how did you do in your classes this year? I did pretty good, I am a junior next year and I can't wait! soon I WILL be out of college. So are you going to Jeffys party this Sunday? the Sencond of June....I hope you will be there. Give me a call sometime and we will chill...See you later, Chrystal.

i'm doin good

yep school went well ad might even being doing the whole college thing next year just part time for insurance and stuff yep my birthday is in like a month so i'm thinking about movin out we don't talk nearly enough i don't talk to any of m old friends nearly enough. as for jeffy me and him have been fair wheather friends as well. i have no problem with him and i miss him so put in a good word for me.

Re: i'm doin good


Hey! got your reply, I hope you go to college, which one do you want to go to? What would you major in? did you know Jeffy got a car? it's a green station wagon, his dad fucked it up so he gave it to Jeff. Do you have your own car yet? mine needs a new engine! GAY.... Any hoo, do you have a boyfriend yet, I don't remember if you did last time I talked to you. I am still with Kyle ;) yay!!! So yeah, I gotta go, but all of us will be at ST. Romans on Saturday next week, so you should go too! See you later :). -Chrystal

poophead reporting back

well girlie girl,

i can't belive jeffy drives now thats crazy i still miss him but he's a hard man to get in touch with. of course you're still with kyle and that is a wonderful thing cause you re both wonderful little people. no i do not have a boyfriend but i'm an "independent woman" so it's all good it'll happen but yeah i've been havin lots of fun latley and i've been really happy so thats pretty damn cool. my graduation ceremony is this weeknd i'm so excited. i don't know what st.romans is but if we get in touch you can tell me cause i'd love to see you guys actualy i gave you call the other day. as far as college goes i don't know yet i mean i'm just gonna end up at a technical school to start cause i need insurance and you can get it by going to college which is honestly the main part of my motivation but i've become a very motivated girl latley actually getting my priorities straight so i know i'll appreciate it in the future if i go and i think i'd do good but i've always since as long as i can remeber wated to go to beauty school and i found 2 places that do apprenticship programs i also just scored a nice job so yeah i gotta figure all this shit out but i got all summer so i'm gonna have some fun now cause i deserve it but yeah toodles girie

Lena* xoxoxo