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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]

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I rememeber once...walking down the hallway at MIAD and stopping to read a quote on somebody's photography work, I never forgot it.

It read...

"Have you ever seen someone so beautiful that your heart stops, you can't breathe...and you can't look away..?"

This is my last entry before I made my journal FRIENDS ONLY. I write in my journal about twice a week and read my friends page daily. If you want to read my journal, you must be friended by me as well. I welcome any friends who want to grace my page with their eyes, so request as you wish.

Current Location: Home
Emotion: touchedSearching for real friends..
Serenading me....: Baxter
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There is nothing... - (Anonymous)
Re: welcome to downtown....


I don't think I need any binoculars buuuutt....

I could ask the people that park in the parking structure below my windows, they see me ALL the time, one day they might wanna get a better look! then I trick them by getting shades :)

"To me you are more than a woman. You are a creature of beauty, a creation of a higher order. I will die knowing that no one will ever love you as I have loved you all these years. I will now attempt to say your name with my last breath." - from Solipsist by Henry Rollins

That's my favorite "hyper-romantic" quote.

found you through _ass.

That's one of the most beautiful quotes I have ever heard. Thank you for posting it.


You can find me at the pub

Nice quote. I love reading things like that. I updated my page so check it out. That was a lot of fun hanging out with you and Sara that night. Let's do it again soon. My friend is spinning at a chill spot on Saturday if you want to try something different.


Also adding you here, if ya don't mind. ^_^

According to this, you're not only a friend of Hobbes and Jennifer, but also Lore, who I don't know personally but is a friend of several friends of mine.

lol, small world, I guess. ^_^

Re: OT

Oh, no problem, I added you too. Gees, this entry is really old. I have a friends only journal now, that's why ya could'nt see any of my recent posts before you added me :).

But yeah, totally..small ass world.


You are friended.

-That dude you met at Lisa's birthday party (Sean)

Re: Friended.

Ha ha...gotcha.

I added ya back.

Yup, I got the "lime in the coconut" idea from the song. Good guess! How did you come by my journal, if I may ask?

I saw a post of yours in a community we are both in and I saw the little lime floating in the coconut and thought it was so cute I had to say something :). I love that song too.

I think you're amazing.

Thank you, but who are you, might I ask.

I have added you. I hope that is ok. I am seriously not a stalker. I do understand the nature of what you where saying in this post. I have been in several serious violent situations and there is a point where you just really want it to happen. I have always felt somewhat guilty over that, being a person who does try to promote peace. I guess the animal is always going to be there though. I like the way you are honest in your perspectives. I hope you have time to post more of that sort of thing.

Would you mind if I added you to my friends list?

Sure :) I'll add you back.

hello and no problem

hello its me mike from the rave, and was no problem taking care of you during the rave , its what i do . peace out homie.

Hi Crystal.....I was looking at your profile and I saw you know Emily and Nikki (gypsyfeminist and dewie) Emily is one of my good friends and I have know Nikki for years---small town...
How's that fruit Gary's giving you?

Hey what's up?

Yeah, I love Nikki...and I have only known Emily for a short while, but from what I know of her, she's pretty cool.

The fruit is wonderful, he's a really good friend. So how do you know all of these people?

Sorry, this is random, I know...
I'm trying to decide on an art school. One of the schools I'm looking at is MIAD, and I was wondering, if this wasn't too weird, if you could tell me how you feel about it. I would probably be going for graphic design or photography.

Yes, I would totally suggest MIAD as a school for photography and especially for graphic design.

Most people that go there go into design anyway.

It is very $$ to go there, I will tell you this right now. They are a private college and recieve no money from the state for funding classes or paying teachers.

I highly suggest getting financial aid and ANY grants you can get your hands on. The biggest complaint about the school is the money hands down.

Also, be ready to work your fingers to the bone and give up most of your social life because the first year and a half are the hardest to get through and be stable. Most people who drop out do it at the end of the first year or right after the second.

It's intense, but if you want to go there, you have to kinda be intense as well :)

Good luck!

Bumped into you on postsecreat. I'm sorry that my post struck you way, I just had to say it, some where.

Awee...that's ok, I just get really sad when I hear stories of people fading, like people with alzheimers or in your sons case autism.

I study rare mental disorders and autism is one that has baffled me for years. I have a friend that has an autistic sister...

It's just so confusing to me....how can someone be there...and then just, not be. Mentally. I just don't get it, it's like the soul gets lost in the body..never to come out again.

hi i just made this new journal for people that i dont know personally and im looking for people who seem chill to add so if you're interested just add me and i'll add you back. thanks

this may sound odd, but i found you in _postsecret_ because you replied to one of my comments not anonymously. so i checked you out and i see you're from milwaukee too. was curious if you mind if i add you?

Sure, I'll add ya back :)

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