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Confusion sets in........

Well, so far today I went to a funeral after my grandma picked me up at Eliott's house, my great aunt died on Dec. 23rd. now how gay is that? dying the very day before you see your family? It would be very gay....if you like that sort of thing. I think it's no fair man.....anyway..moving on, at the funeral they played this beautiful song and there were monks singing, it was in latin and this song.....was so beautiful, IT actually was the only thing that made me cry. Prayer or no prayer, that song was one of the most beautiful I have ever heard. The content just deos not matter when the soul of a song moves you. after the funeral I met up w/Jeffy and Josh @ Club ? and John and Meg were there, but really no one else so we left and went to Planet, and it was eighties night, Scott, Erin and Joe were there, I talked to Erin a little bit and I told her I was not digging it there. I really did not enjoy the vibe there, I did'nt like any of the music either. I realized I really don't like the 80's music very much, only a few bands. Oh well, that weeds out Friday nights at Planet forever :). Josh and I decided we were sooo hungry so we went to Pizza Puddle mmmmm pita. I went out last night w/ Eliott and his three friends Jodi, Amber and Angela, it was really wierd because the second we got in the car he acted like I was not even there :(....which really confused me. But when we are alone, it's like the same again. I tried to hug him and he told me to go away. I was thinking "Is this because his friends are here?". I don't get guys sometimes.....but man this one is a wierd one, I tell you what. For instance, last night out of the blue he told me an image of rotting, red flesh came into his head. I was like ummmmm....eeeww? I really did'nt know what to say to that, or to many things he tells me. There are some fucked up things going on inside his head. I think that's why he is a straight A student. His drawings are like none other, in fact, they are so intricate that sometimes I think they were done on a computer. VERY similar to Johns work. But Eliott has the element of decay in his work, a sort of deterioration of the soul takes over the drawings, most are based off of the skeleton and alot of them resemble very muscular robot like biengs. I don't think these biengs are human either, they resemble us, but from how we have talked I know they are not. Soooo hard to explain. I usually do not try to get to deep to fast but he is offering everything to me, every thought, even demented childhood past memories. Hmmmm.....I wonder what happens next.
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