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It's clearer now....

Last night was cool.......I went to club and did alot of hard core dancing, damn that epicentre song keeps getting better every time I hear it. Yeah, besides that I went home with someone important to was nice to be in a different setting w/them for a change, I was entertained most of the night and I had fun just hanging out. Nothing happened, I did hold back so much was very much a test of self control I never knew I had. The power of touch has always been my weakness. Sometimes I fold under it's tight grasp....and I never mind it. I got a whole shit load of awesome songs, two CDs full and one baby cd! a BABY one it's so cute!!!! I am listening to it right now yyyeeeahhhhhhh! rock the cock yo. *Dances*.......*Sings* ............God damn I am so happy right now....!!!!! Thank you ;).
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