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New Years....

Ohhhhh my goddd. I'm so sick. I have wierd stomach cramps and a huge headache. Last night was so fun though, first Keri came up from Kenosha after work and changed at my house, we chilled around and listened to music and at about 6:00 I called Jeffy and we decided to meet up at Southridge. Our dumb asses forgot it was a holiday and that the mall would close EARLY. Sooooo we were like ummmm.....? yeah, so we hit up a gas station and went to Kaleighs party, that was cool, Alli&Mike, Tyler and lots of other kick ass people were there we stayed for awhile then we went to Anything and it was sooo dead, we thought it sucked and Keri and I really wanted to get to John's house before twelve and we still had to go back to my house because I forgot my alcohol. So we did a little lost but I remembered the house from bieng there on Saturday so it was all good. We got there and I grabbed the bottle of UV and made myself a drink right away, a huge cup of UV/lemonade. OOOOh my gAwwdd....I was tipsy in like a half hour then by twelve I was DRUNK. I kissed some people and then we continued to drink to no end. John and I were the worst I think, cause we ended up crying at the end of the night. Katie took good care of me (Thanx girl- I owe you) she kept giving me water and kept me from falling asleep unless I drank all of it. That was my first time bieng DRUNK and not tipsy. I could'nt walk or see for hours. I stayed there of course and I was not tired when Everyone else went to bed so I chilled in the kitchen and talked to Becky, John's sister for awhile. haha it kind of sucked when she had to go to bed cause I was having fun talking to her. So then it was like 6 AM and I decided I was sick of looking at the dirty kitchen so I cleaned it, the whole thing even the floor. Damn......I'm so pathetic HA! I was still drunk too. I think I ate someones pizza that was in the fridge.....hmmm. tonight I think I will be at club, but I am NOT drinking.... just want to dance. *dances to music*
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