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Sick of it all.......

I am at work right now......just chillin' on my break.....we are watching a movie as we work today, again Chris brought in the TV and the movie "Contact" I have never seen it but so far, it's interesting, Jodi foster rocks the house yo. I have made the decision to not continue school this semester, I want to work and make lots and lots of money and save some. I am making pretty good cash now and I realize I can save shit loads if I just drop school for now. I dislike this school anyway, I realize it's not worth the 20,000 a year. I hate having to answer to the stuck up highly paid teachers here all the time, they think because they get 27 bucks an hour, they can play art- god and decide that art is what they say it is..ha, I even had a teacher say "that's not art" as he looked at my painting, he did the same thing to my friend Katie and we always talk about him...."Fuck you" I always he's talking to me "There is no art god". If I had it my way, I would be in all independant study classes. Because I do not work well with others when it comes to my art. In critique I don't say a damn word unless it will be helpful because I don't give a shit about what any one else is doin' unless it strikes me in some way, and I expect that from others. I wish they would just shut thier mouths if they have nothing constructive to say. All they do is bitch and whine about the fact that they don't like the colors or some dumb ass, lame comment like that. If you can't back up your goddamn convictions then shut the fuck up. Sometimes I just wanna say something along the lines of "You know what I think asshole? I think you should stick a dick in that useless fucking mouth of yours"....cocksuckers....I'm so sick of 'em. Wellll then now that that's all over with. I am going to resume school next year in the fall at UWM because I won't have to pay a cent 'cause DVR will cover it in full. Thanks to my oh so non-present ADD I am supposed to have..hehe...suckers. I will still be working here tho, obviously. Now for night at Fuel :). Brittney, we the most awesome conversation last night...I needed that :) thanx girl....see you all tonight.
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