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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
The loaf.....

Today I have a new loaf that will take over live journal...it's.....EVIIIIIILLLLLL KITTYLOOOOOAFFF!!!!! AAHHHHHHH!!!!. Yup.....surrender to the loaf or else. I know Stardevil will love it because it has horns like a devil :). Anyhoo...last night was eventful, First me Jeffy, Brittney, Parker and Josh met up with about a thousand people at Fuel.....then Jeffy's like "You wanna go to Schuttle?" we were like yeah....so me Josh n' Jeffy drive to Pizza Puddle with a car full of some young kids I don't know following us. We chilled there for awhile and those kids kept asking me if I would ever date any of them, they were like "Is 18 too young?" I was like "Yeah, sorry guys :)". Heh. Then we left and as we were walking out the door Nick showed up and Jeffy told him we were goin' to Cockbuster to get a movie and then to my house and he decided he would come along. So I drove w/ Nick and we got "Death to Smoochie" w/ Robin Williams....and I am sorry but that movie was kind of stupid.....parts were funny, but as a whole it really did not impress me. And I payed for it dammit!!!! you guys owe meeee!!! So yeah....Parker came over too and stayed after everyone left, we tried to find shit to download for my mac but to no avail....Jeffy we gotta go get me a new computer fast!!! I'm going insane w/ this thing. So yeah...tonight, Movie night, Hey Alli, what movie are we seeing? you always know :).


Ghost ship 9:40


I did'nt do it ...I found it in someone elses journal that I don't know....I thought it was sooo cute!

me likes the kitty loaf :)