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My summer

Well, I am now at the last stage of my healing process from my surgery and I am doing well. I have to say though that my summer really sucks this year because I have to go to summer school in a week and a week after my summer school ends, I have to go back to my regular fall schooling. GAY! I am robbed of my summer. Oh well, that means that next year will be an AWESOME summer when I will have a lot more time. I am really happy to have reconnected with some of my friends that I have lost contact with along the way, though a couple of the most important ones have dissappeared, most have stayed in touch. Lena, congrats on graduating highschool :) yeay!. I am having a big pig roast for my 21st birthday for any of you who want to come, it's at my moms house in Caledonia, those of you who want to come and don't have a ride, call me and we can make arrangements for me to pick you up. Anyway, big yard, fire pit, beer etc. Call me :).
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