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So last night I was soooo tired after getting off of work, I worked till 5:30 and took the bus home I went on the computer right away as I usually do and I talked to Parker and Jeffy for awhile. I took this funny ass quiz that Parker did...Oh my god it's sooo funny!!! I really was ON THE FLOOR laughing :). Apparently, according to that quiz I like to stick my dick in anything that walks....hmmmmmmm. Anyway, even thought I was tired as fuck Parker finally convinced me to go w/ him, Jeffy and Josh to Bamboo Bobs for kareoke night. Ususally I am like no WAY am I goin' to that bar unless Parker is DJing! but I DID and it was entertaining to say the least, I got to watch drunk preppy girls and guys sing to thier hearts content, I also got to watch Parker do that one song about the shitty car!!! I love that one! even Brittany got up there! I was like noooo way!! heh heh. I was the only one who did not go up and sing haaa haaa!!! Don't want to! can't make meeee!!! ye-uh. Parker took me home and I went to sleep right away, I was so tired I could not even go online...and it takes alot to keep me away from my computer :). Hmmmm tonight I call my friend Many from Campbellsport, she is supposed to be driving down here to visit, and I want you all to meet her one of these days :).
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