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I am thinking about getting a new job, I want more I am gonna try and scope out the downtown area and see what they have open...I really want to do what I did in my junior year of highschool, which was mostly data entry for a physicians billing company. I loved it and I was able to save five grand in one year, and if I could do that again I would be able to be financially stable for a long time. Hmmmm...Imma see what I can do. Other than that I am excited that this guy I met from Madison is going to call me tonight at like 9:45. Wow, I was surprised to hear that he wants to call me from Madison, cause it's hella expensive w/ the long distance charges unless you got a cell phone that will hook you up phat. That reminds me, I should hook up my cell phone. night tonight, I don't know if I will make it guys, as I said before my friend from Madison is gonna call so I wanna be at home for that. I might show up later tho :).
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