December 15th, 2002

I'll hide from you...

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Well, today's events have been fun. I went to Jeffy's at about four, we fucked around on the computer for a long time, I played this cool evil version of Alice in Wonderland game, there are wave files in there that rock. We then headed out to our banks to get cash and to a thrift store, then we went to Kaliegh's party and chilled, then got to club at about 10:30 I was really HOT tonight, I mean DAMN they cranked up the heat Death Valley style yo! I had to keep going outside to cool off. We were supposed to go to Erins afterparty but we forgot the address so Jeffy just took me home and here I am, writing in my journal. I bought a new book recently and I finally have a chance to read it, it's about Van Gough's life, his long lost journals.....I was reading on the way to Jeffy's and it made me cry within the first chapter.....that's when I can tell I have a REALLY good book :). I have time to do that now which makes me happy:), now that I am off of school for winter break....I don't go back until January 13th. Wooooooooo Hoooooooo to that! I only have to work now, every weekday from 9 to 5. And that spells MONEY. Tomarrow....I really don't have plans except for reading and shopping. Monday we are all going to meet at Fuel for Monday coffee night.
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I'll hide from you...

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