April 29th, 2003

I'll hide from you...

My Weeked...

Friday: I got a ride home from Jessica instead of taking the bus, which was really cool, because I HATE the bus. After I got home I cleaned up my room and changed it around again. that night Carrie got home at 8 and we talked for awhile and went shopping, we got back at like 11:30 and Nick was already there, waiting for us, we felt bad cause he waited for like an hour and a half. Daniel showed up at like 11:30 and we talked about shit and got everything straightened out, it was so nice, actually, because he was so cute! he had little presents for me, a box filled with all sorts of cool things. My favorites were the book about Renoir and the picture of Robert Deniro (sp), Oh, man...he's so sexy :).

Sat: I don't remember what happened that day except for the fact that we went to club at night and my ex-boyfriend Chris Mayer was there, I have not seen him in forever! he looks really different now, tatoos and everything, black hair and more piercings. It was nice to see him, but still kinda wierd too.

Sun: It was sooo nice out, we went to the lake and walked around a bit and I took pictures. When we came to Walgreens to get them developed, Brady street was completely out of power and Carrie was at work at the time, so she got out early even though she was supposed to work for another hour, she said "Fuck that, I'm leavin'" I mean, what were they supposed to do with out the registers....wright everything up by hand? I don't think so!! people were complaining and asking "What do I do now?" Like it was the end of the world and shit.

Mon: Woke up with a bladder infection and had to go to my doctor. I called my grandpa and asked for a ride, but Nicky heard me and woke up to tell me he could give me a ride, so I told my grandpa he did'nt have to take me. So off we went to my doctor, who happens to be in Franklin at the St. Lukes on Loomis Rd. Nick was so nice!!! he waited for like 45 minutes while I was getting diagnosed. I was right, I DID have a bladder infection, so my doctor told me that I really should drink more liquids and he saw that I was paying without insurance so he gave me a whole bunch of free anitbiotics to take, like he always does, so I was set. Nick decided to hang out with me for the rest of the morning, so I took him to Conejitos for lunch as a thank you for taking me to the doctor, we drove around in his car with the top off because it was such a nice warm day. then we went home and watched this scary anime, I forgot the name of it, but it was kind of creepy with zombies and stuff. Carrie came home and then they took a nap for like three hours while I got stuff around the house done.

Today I am at work and typing up purchase orders at the moment, man I think those antibiotics are making me dizzy and nauseous. I woke up this morning feeling like I was gonna puke. Balls. I am hungry, I think I will eat right now....
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