August 1st, 2003

I'll hide from you...

August daze....

It's the first o' the month. Got my tattoo yesterday after work, it did'nt really hurt, it was more like an annoyance, like a bug biting you or something. Everyone said it was going to hurt SOOOOO bad - whatever. It did'nt! tee hee. It looks really good, the lines are nice and straight and the placement is perfect. I finally got my barcode I have wanted since I was in sophomore year. Cool.

Tonight I am going to club 'cause Pat' the only DJ :) that means our little posse OWNS the place.... heh. Yeah...

Pat, I will bring my wreath of barbs....I know what number I want to be played!

I was so tired this morning...I fell asleep reading my book, I wanted to read it so bad that I tried to ignore my tiredness. I got in today at like 10. Ahhh well.

I am going to go get a sammich at our cafe now, you can't beat a $2.50 meal that actually fills you up.

I will be pimpin' it wit my hardcore food in this office, and I am the only one who will have a sandwitch that's pimpin'. Because I fucking say so.

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I'll hide from you...

Ode to my sandwitch..

Oh meatball sandwitch, you are lucky that I have eaten you - otherwise you would have been toiling in agony in some fridge in some random home, left on the shelf to rot next to the smelly green piece of lonely bread or perhaps you would have been wasted in a garbage?

Now what could be worse than that?

But oh are in my belly...tumbling, tumbling - happy meatballs waiting to be digested.

Thnak you sandwitch, for I am not hungry because of you.

Hooodie hooo.
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